My Irish Wedding Song Video
                       My Amazing Grace Videos
       Performed with a Concert Brass Orchestra
The RoyalPiper Radio Interview
Choices of Tartans and Attire for Your Event
            Boyd Tartan
    with Navy Blue Jacket
           Royal Stewart Tartan with            Military Jacket and Feather Bonnet
          Robertson Tartan
          with White Jacket
                Black Stewart Tartan                  Prince Charlie Jacket/Weddings Only
Braveheart Tartan
  Greatcoat or Tartan Trews with Feather Bonnet
                       for Cold Weather Events 
Ancient Henderson Tartan
Highlander Shirt
       Desert Camo
  for Military Events
    White Military Jacket
     with Feather Bonnet
Navy Blue Sweater
        Police Jacket for 
Law Enforcement Events
​        Simple Vest with Kilt
            Blue Tweed Jacket with Robertson Kilt
Please note/ Feather bonnet is not available for summer/hot weather events. 
All jackets and kilts are interchangable.