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            The RoyalPiper
               A Full Time, 
      Professional Musician
   The only American Piper 
     to have performed for
        Queen Elizabeth II

     Ask The RoyalPiper
         Answers to Your Questions

1. How long have you been performing?

   I began playing the Pipes as a young man nearly 35 years ago and have performed at thousands of events.

2.  Are you a full time Musician?

   Yes.  I am proud to say that I am retired from the NYPD and music is my profession now. This allows me to give        the maximum amount of attention and preparation to your event and I always return your calls promptly.

3.  Did you really play for the Queen?

    Indeed I did. In 2003, I was honored to give a private
    performance for Her Majesty at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. 
    The Queen is a warm and gracious lady in person and meeting
    Her was an event I will  never forget. I am the only American
    Piper ever to do so and you can read about it on my "BIO" page. 

3.  What is your attire?

     I wear traditional Highland attire, which consists of a kilt, 
     a formal black, white or navy blue jacket with white shirt
     and black bowtie. Upon request, I can also appear in a
     military style jacket with a tall feather bonnet hat. 
     On very cold outdoor events, I may appear in a long
     Greatcoat similar to what is worn by Pipers of the British Army.
     There are six choices of tartan kilts available should
     you have a preference. Either choice of attire looks wonderful
     in photos and I take immense pride in my appearance. 
     Please go to my ATTIRE page for photos.

4.  Do you offer live sample performances?  

    Potential clients are always welcome to attend any of
    my public performances that are listed on the  "SHOWS"
    page of my website so that they may see me perform live. 
    On average, I make over 150 appearances a year throughout
    the East Coast area, so chances are I will be performing near you!    

5.  Why should I hire The RoyalPiper and not another Piper?  

   An excellent question. Perhaps you may have a friend who knows
   a Piper and he has been recommended to you.
   However, is that really enough knowledge about someone
   whom you have never heard perform before and is going
   to be a visible part of your wedding ceremony?
   After spending thousands of dollars and many hours of time
   preparing for your special day, why take a chance on hiring
   someone who does this only as a hobby on weekends?
   That is why I have a MUSIC page on my website which allows
   a potential client to hear my playing and to rest assured that
   they are hiring a competent musician for their wedding.
   Please consider the many years of experience and the 
   professional quality of my music and appearance.
   I invite you to view the positive reviews that so many
   of my  clients have provided on my "GUESTBOOK"
   page. I am competitively priced and I treat every performance
   as if it were my own event.  The RoyalPiper is well known
   throughout the Metro area as a competent and trustworthy
   musician who will add just the right touch to your event. 
   References cheerfully provided. 

6.  My Wedding venue says that you must submit  a copy of your
     Personal Liability Insurance to them if I want you to play there. 
     Are you able to provide this?

     YES. Due to the rising number of lawsuits, many Wedding venues
     are requiring all outside vendors such as DJ's, Caterers, Florists
     and Musicians to carry their own insurance and to furnish proof
     of that insurance to them. Most Pipers do not carry this insurance.
     The RoyalPiper will be pleased to provide the necessary
     documentation to satisfy this requirement.

                                                        Wedding Tips and Advice

   How should I best use a Piper at my Wedding?  

   I am often asked this question by couples who wish to add the Pipes
   to their special day. Here are a few suggestions.

1. On the steps of the Church.

  I will play a selection of tunes as your guests arrive and at the conclusion
  of the ceremony as your  guests exit the church and await your departure. 
  This is perhaps the most common performance  request that I receive and
  it is very effective at pleasing your guests.

   Many couples are choosing to include the Pipes in the service itself, 
   with excellent results.  Here Comes the Bride, Trumpet Voluntary,
   Ode to Joy, Love Divine, Highland Cathedral and The Irish Wedding Song
   are a few suggestions that work wonderfully. 

   ** Note.  If you are considering this option, please consult with Clergy and
        receive permission to have me perform at their church.

 3. From the Church to the Reception

    If the Church and Reception Hall are close by, many couples opt to have
    a parade with the RoyalPiper leading the guests thru the local streets to
    the delight of passersby.   

4.  At the Reception

    You may want to consider a Grand Entrance by having the RoyalPiper 
    play the couple into the reception during their introduction to the guests. 

5.  How early should I book The RoyalPiper?

    As soon as you have decided to book, please don't delay. Many of the more
    popular times of the year book fast, so to avoid disappointment and future
    regret, early booking is always recommended.
    Please click on the GIGMASTERS link below to proceed to my booking page.

6.  If I book The RoyalPiper, are you the Piper who will show up at my wedding?

     YES. Unlike some unscrupulous wedding service providers, I NEVER book
     a wedding and send someone else in my place. When you book The RoyalPiper,
     you get The RoyalPiper and you can rest assured that I will be the one performing.

                            Memorial Service/Funeral Advice and Guidance

At sensitive times during the loss of a loved one, many people ask, how best can I include
the Pipes at the Memorial Service?.... Here are a few time tested suggestions.

  Play as the casket arrives at the Church...perform an appropriate tune as the casket
  is borne into the Church.

  Play as part of the Memorial Service inside the Church or Place of Remembrance. 

  Play as the casket emerges from the Church and is placed inside the Hearse.

  Play as the Hearse and Mourners arrive at the Gravesite and provide a Musical welcome
  as the casket is placed at the final resting place.

  Play as the Service concludes and slowly walk off into the distance with the music
  fading away as a Final Remembrance.  

   I am pleased to provide suggestions as to appropriate music selections on the MUSIC
   page of my website.  Special requests are welcome also. 

  The RoyalPiper
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